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Mini Desserts

Our mini desserts are perfect for dessert tables for weddings, showers and large events.  Minimum 3 dozen per kind, per flavor.

Tartlets $1.60 each

Peanut Butter Tartlet
filled with salted caramel, peanut butter mousse, glazed with chocolate ganache, garnished with crushed peanuts

Nutella Tartlet
filled with salted caramel, nutella mousse, glazed with chocolate ganache, garnished with crushed hazelnuts

Lemon Meringue Tartlet
filled with lemon curd, topped with toasted meringue, garnished with zested lemon

Banana Toffee
filled with salted caramel and banana pastry cream, topped with whipped cream and bruleed bananas

Key Lime Cheesecake
filled with icebox cheesecake, glazed with key lime gelee

Fruit Tart
filled with pastry cream, topped with a fresh berry

Paris Brest $2.50 each

filled with ricotta cannoli cream, candied orange, chopped chocolate

Blueberry Mango
filled with Napoleon cream and fresh berries, mango and vanilla bean sugar

Raspberry Lemon
filled with raspberry preserves, lemon-zested Napoleon cream, fresh berries and vanilla bean sugar

Chocolate Banana Toffee
filled with milk chocolate banana caramel mousse and crushed toffee bits

Chocolate Caramel
filled with chocolate pastry cream and salted caramel

Hazelnut Crunch
filled with hazelnut diplomat and hazelnut croquant

Strawberry “Shortcake”
filled with mascerated strawberries, vanilla cake bits and diplomat cream

Cream Puffs $2.50 each

Banana Toffee
filled with milk chocolate caramel banana mousse and crushed toffee bits

filled with pistachio mousse

filled with espresso mousse

Vanilla Mascarpone
filled with vanilla mascarpone mousse

filled with raspberry mousse

filled with vanilla bean Chantilly cream

Button Cupcakes $1.85 each

Classic Chocolate
Chocolate sour cream cupcakes iced with chocolate fudge frosting

Traditional yellow cupcake flecked with confetti sprinkles baked in, iced with our pale yellow “birthday” icing

Lemon Raspberry
Lemon cupcake iced with raspberry buttercream, garnished with a candy lemon wedge

Peach Ginger
Yellow cupcake with peaches baked in the cupcake, iced with vanilla bean buttercream, garnished with peach ginger preserves

Other Mini Desserts

Eclairs $2.00 each

Truffles $1.25 each
choose from Pistachio, Chambord, Grand Mariner, Peanut Butter, Hazelnut, Espresso

Cake Pops $1.85 each

French Macarons $2.00 each

Dessert Bar Squares $0.90 each

Dessert Cups $2.50 each

Key Lime
filled with icebox cheesecake, glazed with key lime gelee

layers of espresso soaked cake, mascarpone cream and kahlua espresso syrup

Banana Pudding
layers of fresh bananas and white chocolate banana pastry cream

Tapioca Pudding
coconut vanilla tapioca pudding topped with lime-zested mango salsa

Eaton Mess
strawberries, meringue pieces, chantilly cream

Chia Pudding (gluten/dairy-free)
coconut vanilla chia pudding topped with cashew coconut cream and lime-zested mango salsa

Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse (gluten/dairy-free)
made with cacao and avocado, layered with cashew coconut cream

Allergy Disclaimer

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